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The Poetry Monster, illustration, the Muse by Guillaume Seignac, a sourcre of poems and the largest library of poetry works online
A muse (amuse a muse) – the muse of poetry by Guillaume Seignac

Important: just if you are lazy enough to bother with registering (a mistake though, of course, not a big one), you can still add comments, edit posts or write your own poems here and do all this without being registered.  Yes, from now on, you can.  Just log in with your Disqus, Yahoo or VK.com id. Let us know if you’d stumble into any glitches or you’d discover something that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. 

Happy New Year! 

C Новым Годом! 

The Poetry Monster? The Poetry Monster. 
What is it for? What is the use of this Poetry Monster? 


A quiz.

Let’s play. Or let’s give it at least a try. A poetry quiz. We’ll soon have an entire section with quizzes and poetry-related games.


New and featured poems:

Leopard by Stanley Wilkin 

Added Henry VI

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