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Robert Burns: I’ll Aye Ca’ In By Yon Town:

I’ll Aye Ca’ In By Yon Town


Type: Song
Tune: I’ll gang nae mair to yon toun.

Chorus-I’ll aye ca’ in by yon town,
And by yon garden-green again;
I’ll aye ca’ in by yon town,
And see my bonie Jean again.

There’s nane sall ken, there’s nane can guess
What brings me back the gate again,
But she, my fairest faithfu’ lass,
And stownlins we sall meet again.
I’ll aye ca’ in, &c.

She’ll wander by the aiken tree,
When trystin time draws near again;
And when her lovely form I see,
O haith! she’s doubly dear again.
I’ll aye ca’ in, &c.



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Harwood, Henry, 1803-1868; Robert Burns (1759-1796)