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A new kitchen table and psychology

I would always tell people “If you want to change the line of your life 
and re-write all the stories behind, do not go to visit psychologists anymore,
just try to buy a new Kitchen Table instead”.

When it comes with a refreshing waking up at the most earliest morning time, 
that’s exactly where the new story begins 
to give you a warm dish even if that’s not much on the table,
two unconditional hottest hands on even if nobody have taken other seats, 
a real sense of sublimity to see whatever of positivity 
even if your eyes are half-opened 
and a white reborn version of your new being 
even if what you had worn so far has been all black-colored memories.

So please just sit and feel taking the first sip of the coffee
while your window blue sky rewards you a new image 
which the new kitchen table write your new being with. 

Written by Mostafa Sarabzadeh, 
Researcher and Poet
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