She killed negroes For fun And that tree still grows She never won A real war She hanged and burned alive The planetary whore And sent post cards To her bestial subhuman children With whom she copulates Rejects of mankind Planetary refuse She has so far escaped From justice She murdered Filipinos She is the […]

The Hanging Tree

Were there but one white man being sick behind that tree or with a knife to set them free do not flinch one inch at our collective guilt they used to sell postcards you know after the show Billie did sing Langston did write Lorenzotanyl drew How can such great art make me sick   […]

Words You Said poem – Andrew Neil Maternick poems | Poems and Poetry

Remember when we played? Really was lots of fun Though that moment hasn’t stayed It’s gone; new ones have come I hold my head, rub my eye Those words you said encourage me to try Try to fulfill them By what I choose to do My hearts’ treasured gem “You’re strong […]

Sexual eyes poem – Andrew Vassell poems | Poems and Poetry

I notice you wanting me, needing and lowering me with the passions in your lusting eyes, I see as I look through your eyes as you extract the content and emotions of my sex. How extremely physically sweet you feel but how your taste to me enhance a more uniquely mental feel […]

Satisfaction of my eyes poem – Andrew Vassell poems | Poems and Poetry

Stimulant art of my eyes, your image entices my sight. Gloomily lost in your world, a tranquil sight ever seen in a girl. This physical lust in you I feel, my eyes must be fulfilling it’s own dreams. Measured by my heavenly desires, a satisfaction of my depiction. Seduced by her eyes I’m […]

Praying Drunk poem – Andrew Hudgins poems | Poems and Poetry

  Our Father who art in heaven, I am drunk. Again. Red wine. For which I offer thanks. I ought to start with praise, but praise comes hard to me. I stutter. Did I tell you about the woman, whom I taught, in bed, this prayer? It starts with praise; the simple form keeps things […]

In The Well poem – Andrew Hudgins poems | Poems and Poetry

My father cinched the rope, a noose around my waist, and lowered me into the darkness. I could taste my fear. It tasted first of dark, then earth, then rot. I swung and struck my head and at that moment got another then: then blood, which spiked my mouth with iron. Hand […]